Ford Explorer now with Lane Keeping, Coffee Breaks Alert image

Ford will introduce two new safety features on the new Explorer model: the lane keeping and Driver Alert technology.

The Explorer, which has crossed the 100,000-vehicle sales mark for 2011, will alert drowsy drivers by monitoring the vehicle’s movement compared to lane markings that are tracked by a camera mounted on the windshield.

If the system detects an inappropriate driving style, a first-level chime will sound and a coffee cup warning will appear on the dashboard. In case that the driver will not pull over, and the system will continue to sense the driver is fatigued, another warning and chime will be issued.

According to the AAA 40 percent of Americans, say they have fallen asleep or nodded off while driving.

On the other hand, the Lane Keeping System is designed to help the driver avoid leaving his or her lane unintentionally. This new technology consists of the Driver Alert System, Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Aid.

If the driver will unintentionally change the lane, a vibration in the steering wheel will occur to naturally direct the driver’s attention to where it is required. This provides the driver with valuable time to react and steer the vehicle back into its lane.