Ford Extends Warranties for MyFord Touch image

Ford extends warranties for its MyFord Touch and offers more than 1 million owners a software upgrade to improve the technology.

Ford told reporters today, November 29th, at the Los Angeles Auto Show, that it extends warranty for MyFord Touch from three years to five, and for the Lincoln models it will be extended to six years. Mark Fields, the automaker’s president of the Americas, also announced that the automaker will offer a software upgrade which will improve navigation functions, voice commands and phone controls.

“When you look at the version we introduced back in the springtime, in the surveys we’ve done, that increased our customer satisfaction by over 20 points,” Fields said. “We’ve seen an improvement from the upgrade we did in the spring and we expect to see another improvement as we introduce this version.”

Because Ford received complaints regarding its MyFord Touch system which was criticized for distracting drivers and performing poorly, the automaker’s namesake fell 7 spots reaching the second-to-last place in Consumer Reports’ annual auto- reliability survey in October.

The redesigned Ford Fusion sedan has the latest version of MyFord Touch, plus regular control knobs for radio tuning and volume and also for eat and air conditioning. Fields also said that while improving the quality of the technology, Ford will also pay attention not to distract drivers and compromise safety.