Ford factories increase use of carbon fiber image

Lightweight materials for cars could play an important part in the future for the auto market, especially for Ford Motor Company. Its new GT supercars that will be produced the following year will extensively use super light carbon fiber.

Because of their high costs and the manufacturing challenges, advanced composites have only been used to an extent in the car industry. Due to a new joint venture, Ford is planning to use carbon fiber in a more mainstream way than before.

Mehmet Ali Berkman, vice chairman of DowAksa, joint venture in itself between the Dow Chemical Company and Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii, said that “Automotive manufacturers’ use of carbon fiber composites has been hindered by the absence of both high-volume manufacturing methods and affordable material formats.”

Ford and DowAksa are planning to make a pathway to handle high-volume manufacturing in order to deal with some of these current challenges. As the auto industry is up to face new standards in terms of emissions and fuel economy, automakers have to come up with major improvements for vehicle efficiency over the next ten years to come.

Lightweighting is thought to be one of the most important steps in the process of new technologies for the upcoming cars on the worldwide automarket. The aluminum-intesive design for the new Ford F-150 led to a reduction in the weight of the truck by 700 pounds, which is a lot! Experts believe, however, that even bigger savings than that could be achieved through use of properly economical composites.