Ford Fiesta is celebrating its 35th birthday image

The Fiesta low-class model from Ford is celebrating its 35th birthday and the 15 million number car was out this summer.

Being first launched in 1976, the American model knows what the worldwide success is all about. And because numbers don’t lie, Ford also managed to produce 15 million units of its Fiesta, with an increasing popularity.

Ford Motor Company also managed to sell not less than 1 million of its new Fiesta generation in 28 months since its debut.

“Fiesta is a special model which has a special place in European customers’ hearts and in petrol heads all over the world. It is an original car since 1976 and the engineers who developed and improved the model over the three decades made it one of the most popular cars in the world. Times and technology changed but the Fiesta is continuing to deliver stile, economy and performance so its success will be long-termed”, said Ford’s Europe vice president of Marketing and Sales, Roelant Waard.

To celebrate more than three decades of building the Fiesta, the manufacturer is introducing a new series of changes for both exterior and interior, like the new Mars Red or Fashionista colors.