Four decades have passed since its introduction, with Fiesta being today the top-selling car of all time in the United Kingdom – with 4,339,149 deliveries since 1976.

Ford’s celebrations for the Fiesta moment – the Fiesta Mk1 was hitting the assembly line at the company’s then new Valencia plant in Spain back in 1976 – include a convoy choke full of classic Fiestas. No less than 40 cars spanning all generations have had a fiesta during a Dagenham to Brighton cavalcade, with worthy of mentioning units including the Mk1 Van, an Mk2 Popular, and a more recent Mk6 WRC rally car. The Fiesta supermini is one of the best-selling vehicles of all time – deliveries are expected to get past the 18 million threshold this year. If you’re not impressed for example with the Brexited United Kingdom performance – 4,339,149 sales in 40 years – we can tell you Ford says one in 20 cars sold across Britain over the past four decades was a Fiesta.

In a bid to keep up with the fashionable profit-generating sales numbers, Ford is on its way towards replacing the current generation of the Fiesta after first appearing back in 2008. The schedule includes a 2017 release, when the Fiesta will become vastly different than today – growing in size and moving upscale. Reports are calling for an upgraded platform instead of an all-new iteration, with the R&D mostly going towards making the Fiesta plushier with additional technology and features, including the SYNC 3 infotainment system.


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