Ford Focus EV has entered production image

Ford has recently started production on its Focus EV, as the North American based automaker has announced.

According to the car manufacturer, the new Ford Focus Electric has a total range placed between 112 and 160 kilometers and its battery can be charged in just over three hours on a 240 volt socket. Ford says that the Focus EV can be charged twice as fast than the Nissan Leaf, and, unlike the Chevrolet Volt, the Ford Focus EV isn’t equipped with a regular engine to help charge the batteries. The starting price for the Ford Focus EV in the United States has been set at 39.995 USD which is the same as the Chevrolet Volt’s, but more expensive than the one set on the Nissan Leaf, which can be bought overseas for 35.200.

Buyers of an electric vehicle are receiving 7.500 USD from the government which automatically drops the price on all EVs. The eco-friendly Ford Focus will be offered in one trim level, with only the upholstery being on the options list, along with the two-tone paintjob. As standard, the Ford Focus EV will be offered with an 8-inch MyFord Touch, two 4.2 inch LCD screens, 17 inch alloy wheels, rear view camera with parking sensors, nine-speaker audio system, vocal activated navigation system and many others.