An upcoming version of the Ford Focus RS is expected to make its debut sometimes in 2016.

The Ford Focus RS has been hinted for a couple of years now and it seems that the North American based automaker is taking things seriously because it has recently hinted the development of such a hot hatch. According to the guys at the model in question might arrive by 2016.

“We have a rich heritage of RS cars, and we’re not about to let any competitors overtake us in that respect. You can rest assured that Martin [Smith, director of design, Ford of Europe] and his team are fully focused on the future of our performance strategy”, said a Ford spokesman.

The newest generation of the Ford Mustang will lend its entry-level engine, the 2.3 liter four-cylinder, to the upcoming Focus RS. This is rated at 304 HP in the muscle car but it could provide as much as 350 HP in the hot hatch, matching the RS500. Chances are the new Ford Focus RS will be offered in a limited number and it will probably try to break down the Nurburgring record for the fastest front-wheel drive production car. The model is expected to be introduced in the next couple of years.


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