The newest hot hatch to come from the North American based automaker Ford, the Focus RS, has been caught on camera while it was being tested out on the track.

Ford may be undetermined on the production version of the high performance Focus RS but the company continues to test the model as our spy photographers have seen it in action. The model in question will come with a new front fascia, similar to the ones seen on the regular Focus version and its smaller brother, the Fiesta, but the real changes will be made underneath its body.

The upcoming Ford Focus RS will come with an updated suspension system, with a new and improved steering and with better brakes, amongst others. Chances are it will be using a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine, the same one from the new Mustang generation, which should produce between 330 HP and 350 HP. The new Ford Focus RS is believed to be launched in 2016 and to cost approximately 33,000 euros but the “blue oval’s” fans will get to enjoy it one year as the current Focus generation will be replaced by a new one in 2017. More details on the hot hatch remain unknown for the moment.


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