The upcoming version of the Ford Focus RS is coming into our attention once again as the hot hatch will be maintaining its front-wheel drive when it will finally be launched.

A lot of reports on the new Ford Focus RS have surfaced over these past few months and while some of them were saying that the company will be ditching the front-wheel drive for the performance hatchback, some of them were saying that this will be maintained. This is something Autocar approves on as the automotive magazine is stating that the top of the line version of the Focus will be keeping its front-wheel drive, despite having a more powerful engine.

Speaking about the engine, our source is pretty confident that this will be the same 2.3 liter EcoBoost four-cylinder used on the new Mustang generation, which should be producing a total output of 330 HP (243 kW), making it 30 HP (22 kW) more powerful than the 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo from the previous Focus RS. The torque figure is believed to stand at approximately 500 Nm. The engine will be connected to a 6-speed manual transmission and to cope with all of this power, the company will install a mechanical limited slip differential, the suspension will be severely updated and the chassis will be lowered. The new Ford Focus RS will be unveiled in 2016, a year before Ford will introduce a new generation of the Focus. Its starting price should stand at approximately 27,000 GBP (34,100 euros).


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