Ford Focus ST Concepts previewed for SEMA image

Ford has released the first official images and details with a few concept cars based on the new Focus ST, which will make their debut at the SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas this year.

At this year’s edition of the SEMA Motor Show, Ford will bring five concept versions of the new Focus ST, which have been personalized with various elements. The first one will be named the Galpin Auto Sports Focus ST, and it should infuse some rally car DNA into the hot hatch with its body kit and paint scheme. The model is also getting methanol injection, coil-over springs and a high performance braking system.

Next in the lineup will be the M&J Enterprises Focus ST which is modified by Cosworth and Ford Racing, coming with an impressive 330 HP. Ford Racing suspension and Cosworth wheels and tires have been added to the model. The orange and black STs have been fitted with new brakes, new shocks and big black wheels by Bojix Design and Steeda Autosports. The last in the lineup will be the Tanner Foust Racing Focus ST which is coming with a grey, black and red paint scheme, a body kit inspired by the Focus ST-R, adjustable suspension, Magnaflow exhaust, cold air intake and more. Additional details on the concept cars will be announced at the SEMA Motor Show.