Ford Focus the Best-Selling Passenger Vehicle in the World in 2012 image

According to R.L. Polk data, the Ford Focus was last year’s best-selling passenger vehicles in the world.

In 2012 Ford sold 1.02 million Focus vehicles, followed by Toyota Corolla with 872, 774 units and the Ford F-Series with 785,630 units, from which 645,316 units sold in the US. The Ford Fiesta managed to take the 6th place.

“Focus and Fiesta represent the culmination of our One Ford global product strategy,” said Ford marketing chief Jim Farley.

Is seems that Ford’s ‘One Ford’ strategy really pays off thanks to CEO Alan Mulally who spent years to make Ford’s compact cars, such as the Focus, be manufactured the same way at a plant anywhere in the world. A car which is known by the same name in any market boosts brand equity and helps the automaker to reduce costs.

“As companies build more vehicles locally, around the world, they are using a global name. Even in countries like China they are not changing model names as much,” said Haig Stoddard, industry analyst with WardsAuto.

Data shows that the Focus sold better in the US and China, with sales in 2012 up 40% and 51% respectively. The automaker spent $490 million in Chongqing to manufacture the current Focus, a market where the Focus was ranked the best-selling passenger vehicle.