Ford further evolves infotainment system, ads apps and new buttons image

MyFord Touch – a system that has generated lots of negative comments from customers, has been upgraded with a two steps forward, one step back approach.

New models, like the Mustang or the F-150 truck, but also others in the group, like Lincoln’s MKC small or the Navigator, will see some buttons and knobs back as Ford aims to make the system even more seamlessly connected, but especially bug-free and intuitive.

“Adding the buttons back was based on customer feedback,” said Amy Marentic, Ford’s group marketing manager for global cars and crossovers.

As the company became a pioneer in smartphone car connectivity with Sync, a voice-activated system, Ford also forecasts 21 million vehicles will have such integration systems by 2018, which is a long way up since 2012, when there were less than 2 million.

“We need to make sure we do core things really well,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s marketing and sales chief, adding that Sync has now a 10 million customers base.

Ford’s Sync AppLink is currently running on 1.5 million vehicles in North America and 3.4 million more Sync-equipped cars should receive an upgrade to AppLink capability later this year, as the AppLink will also be launched in Europe and Asia.