Ford Fusion – The next to Toyota? image

The automotive world has not come out of the distress of Toyota tragedy and again one of the shocking news is on the doorstep as Ford Fusion and Mercury Milans are now under the scanner of Federal Safety Regulators. The Reports says that the gas pedals of these cars are becoming trapped by floor mats. The regulatory authority is handling the issue and is making the detail search for the similar reason which has caused Toyota to recall the largest numbers of vehicles alongwith reputation and reliability.

The Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started preliminary investigations since Friday when they received three complains for this same issue of unsecured all-weather floor mats. No incident of injury or damage is noted in any of these three cases.

You must be remembering the recent setback of Toyota when the similar problems of floor mats were complained and the company has to recall 5 million vehicles worldwide. The Toyota had sped up problems when the pedals became lodged under all-weather mats. These mats were lying of the top of the floor mats.

When the Ford guys were approached, the spokesman of the company Said Deep said, “The problem is due to drivers stacking all-weather mats on top of floor mats. The Ford users are always warned not to pile these mats and secure them properly on the floor”. The company is still learning some of the similar cases and their solutions to cop up with the issue. In the similar cases Toyota shortened its gas pedals and took out some of the carpet paddling below the pedal. The Ford is also searching for the options to cop up the same procedures.

The Safety Officials has published the reports in which they have taken about 250,000 Fusions and Milans under scanner. Right now the problem is not at all in the critical stage as the preliminary investigation will verify whether the complains are genuinely considerable or are having any of the potential problems.

Fusion is a midsize sedan and one of the most popular models of Ford. The company has sold almost 70,000 cars in just four months of 2010. The Mercury Milans are sold in larger quantity that is around 11,500. The news has crashed the Ford shared in afternoon trade by 8 cents. Let’s hope for the best for Ford.