Ford getting ready to launch its next-generation Sync 3 infotainment system image

The second-biggest US automaker – Ford Motor – wants to escape bad reviews from some customers and industry specialists when it launches the new generation of its in-car, interactive touch-screen infotainment system in the fall of 2015.

On numerous occasions, the previous generations of Sync and MyFord Touch were a constant source of headaches for owners, performing poorly in Consumers Reports’ surveys – with customers claiming the system was distracting, clumsy and overly complex. Now the company seems to have taken notice of the issues, and has announced the next-generation of the system would be more intuitive and have improved voice-recognition software – while operation would be more close to what people are used to from a smartphone. Additionally, while the first two iterations of the in-car connectivity system were operated with software provided by Microsoft Corp, the new generation of Sync 3 would be made in cooperation with smartphone maker Blackberry Ltd and be based on its QNX platform.

Chief Technology Officer Raj Nair claims the next iteration of the infotainment system would “perform more like today’s smartphones and tablets but with specific details to make it appropriate for travel” and Apple Inc’s Siri virtual-assistant used in iPhones would also “seamlessly integrate” with Sync 3.

Via Reuters