Ford goes for a patent involving fake engine noise – it’s not for an electric image

The US automaker is actually considering the introduction of a fake engine noise (hello BMW) into its vehicles because it believes the owners would resort to more efficient driving if the engine sounds like a gas-guzzler.

Ford has opted for a patent that delivers artificially produced engine noise to make it as if the powerplant has more cylinders than in reality. For example, the choke full of awards three cylinder could be tweaked through the sound system to feel as if it’s a classic inline-six. The technology could be making the drivers become more fuel efficient by enticing them to switch gears at lower revs. The end goal – the solution could assist the real-world efficiency of downsized engines. Today, using small, turbocharged engines is very common – Ford has its own 1.0-liter EcoBoost in various power levels from 100 to 140 hp – since they bring increased fuel economy and lower emissions.

The Ford patent says many people shift gears by ear and they tend to go for higher revs to make sure they harness all the power from the minuscule displacement engines. And this, in turn, takes a toll on the fuel economy levels. The patent wants to record the engine noise and play it back at the right time in the combustion cycle to deliver the audible sensation there are more cylinders at work. The automaker already uses the gimmick inside the Mustang with 2.3-liter EcoBoost and the newest Focus RS, in order to make the driving sound more enticing – even at legal speeds.

Via Free Patents Online