Ford GT by Hennessey Makes 235.1 mph at Texas Mile Run [video] image

You must be aware that some of the most powerful and of course fastest cars gather in Texas few times a year to enjoy an adrenaline-filled weekend of the top speed runs which is entitled as the Texas Mile.

All the high performance cars get one mile of arrow-straight runway to make their highest top speed at the one-mile marker. Following that, Mark Heidaker and Sean Kennedy have bagged some great results after driving their twin-turbocharged Ford GT and made a top speed of 235.1 mph. Well, no confusions, Kennedy were driving the car and Heidaker owns this Ford GT.

The best part to know is that the Ford GT is tuned by Hennessey and is from the year 2006. Hennessey has added a VBox to provide information, audio as well as video of the session-winning run. A custom twin-turbo system is the major draw that helped the car to deliver up to 1,000 hp (745 kW / 1012 PS).

The GT received an upgraded clutch and flywheel, custom tuning and ported factory cylinder heads, and an adjustable boost controller. Overall upgrades cost $105,000, but take nearly 4 to 6 months for installation process. Enjoy the cool videos of the Hennessey Ford GT that made 235 mph (378 km/h) at the Texas Mile Run recently.

By Sunita Mandal