Ford GT inspired designs going to Milan’s Furniture Fair image

Ford’s design team has apparently decided to take some time off from the trials and tribulations of automotive-related work, and instead take their design ideas that materialized into the GT, F-150 and Mustang to challenge Italy’s Milan furniture show.

The Milan Furniture Fair will also have a Ford lounge that actually focuses on non-automotive ideas that were designed with the internationally renowned design show in mind. Don’t worry, Ford is not going to create our new furniture. “We’re taking the concepts and philosophy behind the Ford GT’s interior design and applying it to other products,” commented Ford design boss Moray Callum. The projects are used to showcase the designers’ range of talents and also probe the possibility of applying the GT design theme in upcoming Ford models. The GT’s main ideas will have a major influence on near-future Ford interior designs. And in Milan, they have the chance to put GT’s organic influence next to the work created by the world’s leading non-automotive designers. “It allows our designers to use Ford’s new unified design language for non-automotive projects,” Callum added. He said that back in January he called upon all 350 members of Ford’s design studios across the globe to bring their ideas.

He gained a total of 130 proposals, with the design utterly vast or various – ranging from furniture to cutlery, a sandwich and a guitar, all with the necessary influence derided from the GT supercar. Ford’s senior design staff handpicked the ten best and turned them into real models just in time for the furniture event. Ford’s lounge will have enough room to allow people to sit, relax and have a snack while admiring the designs imagined by Ford’s team.