Ford GT is the customizable supercar you always wanted image

For example, you can have the 2017 Ford GT (if you’re among the lucky few to actually make it on the list) with colorful calipers so anyone takes notice of the carbon-ceramic brakes.

Or the customers could actually decide how the carbon fiber should look like. These are the little details that will for sure make the life of the lucky 500 applicants better. The affluent’s desires will be satisfied by Ford in new and various ways, as they indulge in the process of setting up their GT supercar – the American automaker is delivering lots of options for the coupe – including eight exterior hues. The GT will come standard with carbon ceramic rotors and six-piston, monobloc calipers from Brembo painted black. But the owner can choose another color for the latter – silver, blue, orange, and red. These colorful choices should bode well with the GT’s optional carbon fiber alloys.

Ford GT Brake Calipers

The latter do save two pounds each over the already very lightweight series forged aluminum parts. And they can be further customized by selecting a gloss or matte finish. The owners also need to be sure what they want when entering the cockpit. The carbon fiber instrument panel can also be matte or gloss. Or it can be painted Shadow Black. The seat back color will also reflect in the trim choice for the passenger side. First deliveries are expected for the latter part of the year, though Ford hasn’t even announced the exact pricing details – we still think it’s going above $400,000, without any options installed.