Ford happy to see RHD Mustang being loved by UK’s drivers image

The second largest US automaker, manufacturer of the iconic Mustang muscle car, has announced the Brits have already ordered close to 2,000 units and production of the RHD version is just now starting.

Ford recently stated that production of the right hand drive version of the Ford Mustang has just started at Flatrock Assembly Plant in Michigan, North America. As a reminder, this is the first Mustang generation to be sold across numerous new markets and also the first time ever a right hand drive version has been developed. Importantly, the blue oval’s iconic muscle car already has almost 2,000 eager customers waiting for it in the United Kingdom, with 80 percent of drivers calling for the fastback coupe body style instead of the convertible. What’s more interesting is that while in America a gallon of gasoline is nowhere near the $7 level seen in Great Britain, the percentage of buyers of the V8 version is actually higher than in the United States. That’s keeping in line with the proportions of course, but an astonishing 70 percent of the customers have asked the 416 PS 5.0-liter V8 engine over Ford’s brand new 317 PS 2.3-liter EcoBoost power mill. And that’s not to mention the huge taxes a 5-liter engine will have in the UK. The other statistical value at hand is the transmission quotation – with 55 percent opting for the six speed manual over the six speed auto.

The new generation Mustang can be ordered in Great Britain starting at 29,995 GBP for the EcoBoost models and 33,995 GBP for the V8-equipped variants. In terms of features, more than 50 percent of eager customers have asked for the Custom Pack that comes bundled with navigation, a Shaker Pro 12-speaker audio system, heated and cooled front seats, a rear backing camera, Luster Nickel silver alloy wheels and additional chrome on the fastback.