Ford has half-decade plans for no less than 13 electrified models image

The Blue Oval is starting strong the new year with announcements concerning its electrification plans, as well as the decision to invest more money into its Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan and ditch the Mexico factory.

Let’s get the economic figures out of the way – $700 million and 700 new jobs will be created at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan – the facility will not only take care of electrified models but also handle the production of autonomous hybrids. In addition, the planned factory in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has been ditched altogether, with the local focus being on the Hermosillo factory that will take care of the new generation Focus.

Now let’s move on to the most important part – the 13 electrified vehicles arriving in the next five years. Ford has actually announced seven of those – the Mustang and F-150 Hybrids included. The others will be an autonomous hybrid – most likely based on the second generation autonomous test mule that was recently presented; an electric crossover with a range of at least 300 miles and worldwide availability in North America, Europe, and Asia. The European market will also get its specific electrified model in the form of the Transit Custom plug-in hybrid. And vehicles number six and seven will cater to specific tasks in North America – being two pursuit-rated Police hybrid vehicles. Additionally, there’s a fleet of 20 hybrid taxis based on the Transit Connect starting trials in New York and other major cities in the States.