Ford has reduced its shares at Mazda from 33.4 to 13 %. image

Ford Motor Company said it will sell a portion of its ownership stake in Mazda Motor Corp., and the two companies will continue their successful strategic relationship. The ratio of Ford’s ownership of Mazda stock has been reduced from 33.4 percent to just over 13 percent. Under the new agreement, Ford and Mazda will continue their ongoing joint ventures, as well as the sharing of platforms and powertrains. Ford and Mazda’s nearly 30-year relationship has been and continues to be an effective way to utilize the resources of both organizations and maximize joint synergies.

Under the agreement, the divestiture of Ford’s shares in Mazda will be accomplished both through the sale of shares to Mazda and the sale of shares to a group of Mazda’s strategic business partners. The sales of the Mazda shares will net Ford approximately $540 million.

“This agreement allows Ford to raise capital that will help fund our product-led transformation, and at the same time, allows Ford and Mazda to continue our successful strategic relationship in the best interest of both companies,” said Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally. “Ford will continue to focus on the Ford brand worldwide and deliver the products our customers really want and value.”