Ford has the Max Motor Dreams… a baby crib that simulates car riding! image

You’ve seen the second largest US automaker going down different routes lately – studies place them first in terms of autonomous driving tech and they are also more interested in mobility shows rather than auto shows as of late.

We’ve grown accustomed to Ford skipping important auto shows of the world – such as this year’s Frankfurt in September – in favor of major presences at venues such as CES in Las Vegas or MWC in Barcelona. And in connection with their Spanish apparitions comes the latest innovation from the automaker turned mobility company. The Max Motor Dreams is not an automotive product – but an automotive related product – and one like no other. This is actually a regular baby crib – with a twist. The “device” has built-in speakers, LED lighting, and a motion-enabled mattress that the company claims it can mimic the type of car rides that are best for putting toddlers to sleep. It’s the work of Alejandro López Bravo at the Spanish creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz – and this motorized, light-up cot is also connected.

Ford has the Max Motor Dreams… a baby crib that simulates car riding 4

That’s because it works together with a smartphone app that can record sounds, distance, and movement of a particular baby-approved sleep route – the info is sent to the crib, which then translates it into… a sleep pattern. A speaker at the base can offer muted engine and road noise, while orange LED lights at the top simulate 360-degree motion to recreate passing street lamps. Motorized actuators have info from the smartphone to gently rock baby up simulated hills and around corners. No roaring exhaust sounds or high-Gs are involved… presumably. And yes, this is technical y still a concept – and something that may never see your local Ford dealership.