Ford Hires for B-Max Production in Craiova, Romania image

Ford Romania hires 500 workers at its factory in Craiova to build the B-Max model and the EcoBoost engine, the recruiting process ending in May.

“This week we will start an employment process for 500 workers at our factory in Craiova. Ford will be mainly recruiting base operators for production lines, but we are also interested in expanding our workforce with maintenance specialists,” said Angella Alexander, the company’s human resources manager.

In 2012 Ford plans to manufacture 60,000 B-Max units at Craiova and 100,000 more in 2013. The company was supposed to invest 675 million euro in technologies and produce 250,000 units until March this year, according to the privatization contract signed in 2007. Ford will have to pay penalties for producing fewer cars than agreed, which will further delay investments. Ford negotiated with the Romanian state to simplify the restructuring process, extend the timeline for its post-privatization duties until the end of 2012 and a simpler procedure for investment guarantees.

From April 2010 until December 2011, Ford produced 17,000 Transit Connect cars in Romania, the production being moved after that in Valencia, as the car maker decided to reorganize production in all its European factories. In the end, the number of cars produced in Romania will be significantly lower than agreed in the 2007 privatization contract.