Ford hopes US buyers will fall in love with the latest 2016 F-150 Limited image

Ford Motor Co, the second largest US automaker has announced it would introduce on Tuesday a new high-end version of its aluminum F-150 pickup truck that could reach prices of more than $60, 000.

The automaker has decided to reintroduce the Limited version as US buyers are shunning away from luxury sedans in favor of premium crossovers, sport utility vehicles and pricey pickup trucks, effectively turning the latter into an alternative to the crop of high end German sedans. The 2016 Ford F-150 Limited is scheduled to reach dealerships later this year and will act as the lineup’s flagship variant, above the current top-of-the-line pickup, the F-150 Platinum. Feature packed pickup trucks and hulking SUVs have been on high demand this past year, thanks to rather low gasoline prices and increased fuel economy – with the Detroit Three taking the largest piece of the pie in the process. The new, rekindled Limited variant, also comes after June sales showed around 50 percent of the F-150 sales were from the current crop of premium flavors – Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum. The most affordable Lariat is at least $40,000 when including destination charges and when options are factored in, a F-150 Platinum can sell in excess of $60,000.

The F-Series pickup lineup, the top selling vehicle in the United States since 1982 and naturally the best-selling pickup, is largely responsible for Ford’s North American operating profit margin every year, forecasted to reach 9.5 percent this year. Additionally, auto industry sales website and consultant TrueCar said today the average price US consumers have to pay for a fullsize pickup truck after the first six months of the year was $42,429, almost 30 percent more than it was back during the same period of 2009.

Via Reuters