Ford Motor Company in India (subsidiary) has no option but to recall around 130, 000 of its renowned cars from 2008 model year due to manufacturing defects.

The need for recalling these models are due to risk of causing fires and other problems as said by the company. Ford has announced that it will examine total 111, 000 Ford Figo models and Classic models that were built between January 2008 and December 2010. These cars are said to have received faulty rear twist beam which can interrupt in brake performance. Other than this, the recall also means for total 17,655 Figo and Classic cars where a hose is needed to be replaced. The hose defect is in the cars from September 2010 to February 2011 model year. Due to the faulty hose, oil can leak, bringing noxious fumes, smoke or even fire in extreme cases.

This recall will also affect a small portion of exported cars to South Africa as said by Ford. However, the faults are very dangerous for owners, but the company has ensured that no injuries have been reported till date due to defects. Just like other global car manufacturers in India, Ford depends highly on local suppliers who can do its work by keeping the cost at minimal.

Well, this is not the first time that Ford had to recall its defected cars due to some technical reasons. Tata, Toyota, Maruti Suzuki, and Honda have also recalled their cars in India for one or the other reason in recent years. Still, none of the manufacturers have made such big recall like what Ford did.

The 2010 Ford Figo which was a compact model brought a lot of fortune to the American automaker who survived effectively in India’s challenging small car market.


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