Ford India Reports Steady Sales in July image

Despite the fact that India is affected by monsoons and challenging economic conditions, Ford India managed to sell 8, 323 units, maintaining steady sales momentum.

In July Ford sold 6,236 units in the domestic market, down from 7,504 vehicles in the same month last year. The company’s sales reports are looking good taking into consideration that consumers are still affected by the effects of the recent hike in petrol prices, the high inflation and the high interest rates, not to mention the challenging market conditions that continue to shatter the auto market in India.

In July, Ford India also expanded its Chennai facility, increasing annual engine production with 36% to 340,000 units, trying to keep up with the surging demand for diesel powertrains in the country and export markets. The engine plant can produce extra 80,000 units annually. The company also brought to the market the Classic Titanium, attracting customers with a convenient price.

“We will continue to refresh our product line-up with affordable, yet technologically smart offerings such as the Classic Titanium, bringing our customers safe, reliable and fun to drive vehicles that offer amazing value and comfort,” said Michael Boneham, president and managing director, Ford India.