Ford innovation: The system that protects doors from scratching image

Parking in tight spaces and getting out of the car has never been easier before with Ford’s new innovation, a system that protects door-opening scratches named Door Edge Protector.

Ford’s new “safety” system is actually a small rubber placed on the inside of the door that and it “glues” itself to the door contour when it’s opened for more than 15 centimeters. The automaker says that it takes less than a second for the system to pop out and pop back in, allowing the door to be closed in normal conditions.

“The Door Edge Protector will be one of those inventions that will arouse public exclamations like: ‘Why didn’t anyone think of that before?’ The system will be very useful for parents with children in the backseat and for anyone who needs to park in a narrow space”, said Matthias Tensing, the engineer who coordinated the development of this system.

The automaker says that its new innovation is offering 90 percent protection for the front doors and 85 percent for the rear doors and Ford already has the answer to a question that most people would ask: the only element that could break down would be the protective rubber, which is very easy to replace.

The Door Edge Protector will be fitted for the first time on the current Ford Focus. You can view the photo gallery below to understand how the system works.