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Ford today revealed its newest pursuit-rated vehicle – Ford’s first-ever specially designed Police Interceptor utility built for the rigors of police work.

• Ford’s new Police Interceptor utility is designed to complement the sedan introduced earlier this year and give law enforcement agencies a comprehensive choice for pursuit vehicles

• The purpose-built sedan and utility Police Interceptors will deliver at least 20 percent better fuel economy than the current Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

• Ford’s utility and sedan Police Interceptors will debut simultaneously when production of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor ceases in late 2011

The new Ford Police Utility vehicle is designed to complement Ford’s all-new Police Interceptor sedan, which was introduced earlier this year.

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Ford’s new police cars will face a growing field of competitors. Chrysler Group LLC unveiled photos of its new Dodge Charger Pursuit police car Aug. 24, and General Motors Co. next year will introduce one based on its Chevrolet Caprice sedan. Carbon Motors Corp., a new company based in Connersville, Indiana, has said it will release a police car in 2013.

“This one is going to be a knife fight,” said Jim Hall, principal with consulting firm 2953 Analytics Inc. in Birmingham, Michigan. “When there’s no Crown Vic anymore, it will come down to a battle between the Chevy and Ford.”

Ford’s new Police Interceptor utility vehicle is equipped with the newest 3.5-liter V6 engine. This Ti-VCT engine, delivering at least 280 horsepower and E85 compatibility, is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission that combines lowered initial gears for improved off-the-line acceleration and higher gearing for improved efficiency at lower engine rpm when cruising. Two drivetrain options are available, providing off-road capability teamed with a multipurpose cargo area specially calibrated for loads up to 800 pounds.


Just like its sedan partner, Ford’s Police Interceptor utility vehicle has been put through its paces, undergoing a battery of torture tests to ensure its individual components can hold up to rigorous driving. Certification testing designed by the Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department proved out the durability and capability of the vehicle through a variety of punishing tracks.
Across the board, brakes have been increased in size and performance, and the cooling package features a heavy-duty alternator and larger radiator. Standard 18-inch wheels are vented, designed to work in concert with the enhanced brake system.

The front seats are designed with a lower bolster to accommodate utility belts, and just like the sedan, Ford’s Police Interceptor utility offers a column shift, designed to leave the console area free for the ever-increasing amounts of equipment necessary for officers to do their jobs.


The second row features a vinyl, easy-to-clean bench seat that folds flat for versatility. Because police require a lot of gear, additional space in the utility provides plenty of room for K-9 officers and SWAT operations, including room for the full-size spare tire to be stored safely under the cargo area.


The new utility vehicle also features: Ford SYNC, BLIS® (Blind Spot Information System), Cross-traffic alert, Rear view camera, Reverse Sensing System, Remappable steering wheel controls

Both Ford Police Interceptors will be manufactured at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant.

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