Ford Introduces Ads on Facebook image

Beginning Friday, June 1st, Ford Motor will introduce ads on Facebook to promote licensed merchandise such as toy cars and T-shirts with the recently recovered Blue Oval logo.

The ads will be positioned on the right side of the wall of users of Facebook Inc.’s social network who have visited motor-sport and Ford’s pages. About 20 items will be promoted in a rotation through June 10th, in advance of Father’s Day which is on June 17th. This month General Motors decided to pull its ads from Facebook, but Ford remains active, the licensed items helping the company’s brands.

In 2011 the licensed items brought Ford $1.5 billion in revenue, most of it being handed to toy companies, clothing manufacturers, and video-game producers. The 45 million units sold last year, brought Ford a 50% increase over 2005 level.

“When we didn’t take the government money, the Ford oval became more popular with consumers,” told John Nens, the automaker’s licensing manager.

In the last two months Ford’s credit was raised to investment grade by Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings, allowing the company reclaim its logo and other assets put up as collateral for $23.4 billion in loans in 2006.