Ford investing $135m for advanced battery systems in EV, Hybrids image

Ford Motor has planned to launch five EVs in 2012 for which it will make an investment of $135 million for the development of advanced battery systems.

The investment will be not only on battery systems, but also on related components that are to be used on hybrid-electric vehicles. In its statement, Ford has mentioned that it is doubling the capabilities of battery testing by the year 2013 where the development of hybrid and electric vehicles has to be increased. For this, Ford has aimed for 160 individuals battery-test channels to bring the progressive result with an increase of 25 percent.

Other thing that the manufacturer has done is the 30 percent of cost cutting on its present hybrid system as compared to the earlier system. The automaker was keener to bring fuel efficient vehicles where hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid all come under the primary project. The development of such vehicles is on Ford’s wish-list since late 2006.