Ford invests in a Silicon Valley software company image

Ford said the new investment would help the automaker bring more cutting-edge software to its cars, a crucial area for the customers.

The new 182.2-million-dollar investment made by Ford goes into Pivotal, a cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, for the automaker “to further strengthen its core software abilities and deliver innovations to customers more quickly.” As the Blue Oval keeps developing SUVs, trucks and electrified vehicles, the software direction is better to be handled by a Silicon Valley tech company, a direction lately taken on by increasingly more automakers.

“Expanding our business to be both an auto and mobility company requires leading-edge software expertise,” Mark Fields, Ford president and CEO, said. “Our investment in Pivotal will help strengthen our ability to deliver these customer experiences at the speed of Silicon Valley, including continually expanding FordPass.” Ford’s investment is part of a 253-million-dollar financing package for Pivotal that also includes funding from Microsoft, GE, EMC and VMware. Ford have announced in February that it was starting its work with Pivotal to build a software platform supporting FordPass, a free service that allows customers to use their smartphones to access various features of their cars.

In addition, both companies said they planned to open new software labs in “strategic” locations in United States and Europe as well, facilities that would “be staffed with software architects, engineers and user experience experts, all using Pivotal’s advanced software development methodology.”