The Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, alongside its more menacing and track-exclusive GT350R, is one of the models that makes us wondering how did the Blue Oval company manage to wait so long to deliver an astonishing car.

We’re like, Ford has been producing the Mustang for 50 uninterrupted years and only now managed to deliver a machine that will stand against the best European and Japanese sports car out there – regardless of the setting, street or track. And because people may have been used to choppy handling on behalf of their performance-oriented Mustangs, those lucky owners of the $47,795 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 will get treated to a complimentary performance driving school at the Utah Motorsports Campus. That’s a great marketing stunt on behalf of Ford, since it allows people to discover the limits of their sports car and then brag about how wonderful the GT350 can be to others – you know word of mouth is still in this day and age a powerful tool.

The program will be dubbed the Shelby GT350 Track Attack and consists of a one-day performance driving school with classroom and track instruction from Ford Performance Racing School instructors. The event can handle all levels of driving skill and will be free to attend – though the implicated owners will need to make their own transportation and lodging arrangements – they can even come accompanied and the guest can also partake in the shenanigans for a fee. With even more money involved, the owners can stay for extra time and manhandle the race prepared Boss 302 or Mustang GT.



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