According to Kelley Blue Book, Ford is back on top as the most-considered auto brand among new-car shoppers.

Ford consistently captured the most-considered auto brand title from Q4 2009 through Q2 2010, but momentarily fell to the No. 2 spot for Q3 2010 when Toyota re-captured its previously held most-considered brand status for that quarter.

However, as Toyota works to rebuild its brand following last year’s recall crisis, it continues to see fluctuating consideration and currently resides back at No. 2. As of Q4 2010, Ford regained its No. 1 spot on new-car shoppers’ consideration lists.
In addition to being the most-considered auto brand overall (regardless of segment) for Q4 2010, Ford has been the highest-considered brand within the truck segment for nine consecutive quarters. Currently, Ford is the most-considered brand in the non-luxury SUV/CUV segment, and continues to gain ground quarter-over-quarter in the non-luxury sedan/coupe/hatchback segment.

Most-Considered Auto Brands Overall (Regardless of Segment)
Ford 29%
Chevrolet 22%
Toyota 22%
Honda 21%
Nissan 13%
Hyundai 11%
BMW 11%


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