The current automotive market trend is on an obvious path, with sedan sales being affected by a high demand of SUVs, Ford says.

The global auto sales are driven these days mostly by the customers’ love for sport utility vehicles, while sedan models are left behind. If the US high demand for big cars is not a surprise, the European current trend is definitely an indication of the shift in customers’ taste. Marking a first time ever event, the SUVs turned into the best-selling models in Europe last year, outselling the traditional segments, according to a recent analysis released by JATO Dynamics. This market flow was also pointed out by Ford Chief Technical Officer Raj Nair: “Almost worldwide we see an increase in desire for utilities and the segment that’s suffering the most is the sedan whether it’s the larger sedans or even the smaller ones,” he told Automotive News Europe. Nair believes that sedans will not vanish from the face of the industry, but he thinks that crossovers and SUVs will continue to steal the majority of their sales from sedans.

Even if the Europeans have a growing tendency to choose SUVs, Ford initially did not take advantage of this direction in the region with its EcoSport small SUV, which was developed in Brazil and is currently built in India. In order to meet the buyers’ taste, the automaker had to redesign and re-engineer the model. “The initial EcoSport offering was for the value segment. It was not intended to compete with very high-end premium B-sized SUVs” that are common in Europe, Nair said. “But that’s not a deficiency in the One Ford strategy or a deficiency in the platform and the capability. If anything it may be a deficiency in how we communicated what that vehicle was originally about.”

Via Automotive News


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