Ford is prepping the right-hand drive Mustang image

Until now, if you wanted the quintessential muscle car – Ford’s Mustang – and lived outside North America, you would have had two options – move on, or pay incredible amounts to have the car imported and pass certification tests.

Well, thanks to the all-new 2015 Mustang, both options are now a thing of the past. Ford has finally realized the importance of what could be its most famous model and decided to do the right thing – release it globally. Now, after we saw every possible picture of the car and we know almost everything about its specs, we are treated to the first testing prototype of the right-hand-drive Mustang. The automaker is thoroughly probing the version, as the model nears its launch date (sometime in the first half of 2015) in no less than 25 markets – including the UK, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

Ford proudly announced in a recent statement that its engineers just completed the assembly of the handmade test vehicle, which should undergo various grueling trials over the coming months. Even as Ford shun its usual strategy of developing the Mustang mainly for North American use, all the variations of the 2015 model will only be made in the US – at Ford’s Flat Rock, Michigan, manufacturing facility.

Via Automotive News Europe