Ford is re-imagining the 2012 Cortina image

Ford has recently released a couple of sketches with the updated Cortina, as a 50-year celebration since the model was launched in Europe.

The North American based automaker Ford might have an ace up its sleeve and the sketches posted below and released by the company might become a reinvented version of the classic car, but is might also remain just a piece of paper. According to the guys at the two images of the 21st century Ford Cortina have been released in order to celebrate 50 years since the car has seen daylight for the first time.

As a quick reminder, the Ford Cortina was a family car developed by Ford of Britain and it was sold extremely well. The model was Britain’s best-selling car of the 1970s and it was in production between 1962 and 1982, when it was replaced by the Sierra. The Ford Cortina has been produced in five generations and from 1970 it was almost identical to the Ford Taunus. The Cortina is related to the Ford Capri and its name has been inspired by the Italian ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo, which hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics.