Ford is recalling 13.000 chassis image

The North American based automaker Ford has recently announced a recall for more than 13.000 chassis because of transmission cables which might break.

According to the guys at the car manufacturer is actually using the 13.000 chassis, which were recently recalled, in motorhomes and commercial vehicles. Ford had to announce the recall because of transmission cables that may break, or to be more exactly, the “PRNDL” indicator cably might break at the attachment to the transmission control assembly mounted on the steering column, and if this happens, the transmission gear indicator display in the cluster will remain in the first gear, no matter the gear selected.

“Ford is committed to top quality and responding quickly for our customers concerning any safety issues”, said the Ford spokesman Dan Pierce.

Our source is also saying that the stripped chassis recalled by Ford are some 2011 – 2012 F-53 and F-59, which were currently made at the Detroit Chassis Plant. After warranty reports were received by the North American based car manufacturer because of this problem, the recall had to be announced and the company’s dealers will be notified in March this year, and they will have to replace the cable assembly and the transmission selector arm assembly.