Ford Ka in Euro-spec embraces digital world through speculative render image

The upcoming generation of the Ka is expected any day now in Europe and as such it has ignited the imagination of digital artists that have decided to have a go and picture it in the pixels world.

The current generation Ford Ka sold on the Old Continent is based off the Italian Fiat 500 and will get retired soon – the production of the model at Fiat’s plant in Tychy, Poland will cease at the end of April. We have been rumored to have been granted a replacement generation as of late last year but as we can all see that timeframe came and went on without any new Ka. And by the way, the reports are picturing the soon to be introduced new generation of the Ka as a mostly “old affair” since it will be based off the model that has already been on sale for more than a year in South America. It has been a Brazilian development effort and we’re expecting the Euro-spec Ka to be very close to this digital render coming courtesy of OmniAuto.

That’s because the folks are using as a starting point the spy shots of camouflaged prototypes caught testing in Europe last year – and of course it’s also using cues from the Brazilian version. By the way, Ford of Europe Chief Operating Officer Barb Samardzich hinted this week the new Ka was coming to Europe but stopped short of actually saying when. The rumor mill points to a possible production location being Ford’s assembly facility in Craiova, Romania where the slow-selling B-Max is currently made.