Ford Launches Ad Campaign to Increase Interest in Lincoln image

Ford will launch a new ad campaign to increase interest in its upscale Lincoln brand.

The ad campaign includes its first-ever Super Bowl commercial and it is aimed at drawing on the brand’s heritage. The campaign is to be launched today, December 3rd, and it has a 60-second TV commercial. The ad will open with an image of an actor playing the US president Abraham Lincoln, after who the brand is names.

Lincoln, which is the second-largest US automaker, plans to attract younger customers and show a different side of its vehicles. Ford is sure that Lincoln’s glossier showrooms, fresh designs and the more personalized service will help boost sales.

“This is how Lincoln started. This is how we will become great again,” the automaker says in one print advertisement that will appear in major newspapers and online media Monday.

By the end of November the new Lincoln MKZ sedan will reach Ford’s dealerships and other new models will be introduced by 2015. Ford plans to introduce the brand in China by 2014, to be able to take advantage of the increasing appetite for luxury vehicles in this market. Ford wants to lower the average age of the brand’s customers from 65 to 57 and increase the annual income by 50% to almost $160,000.

  • BethAnn

    Who is the girl in the pink jacket in the Lincoln ad on page 6 of Wired magazine Feb 2013???