Ford Launches EcoBoost Advertising Campaign image

Ford, which relies on its new EcoBoost engine family to boost sales, plans to increase promotions and advertising for the engine brand.

This month Ford will launch the EcoBoost brand advertising campaign, which touts the automaker’s fuel economy and technology. The campaign comes at a time when the company plans to rapidly expand the use of EcoBoost engines in its U.S. vehicles. Ford expects sales of its EcoBoost engines to offer up to 20% better fuel economy compared with the larger, normally aspirated gasoline engines.

The campaign was created with the help of Ford’s Team Detroit ad agency and will depict the choices customers can make, said Amy Marentic, Ford’s marketing manager for global cars. The campaign, which was titled “AND not OR,” tells buyers they ‘don’t have to make compromises to drive a Ford vehicle’.

In a few months, Ford will begin a series of events, under the name of the EcoBoost Challenge, which is a promotional campaign aimed at introducing owners of other cars to Ford’s EcoBoost.

“We invited non-Ford owners to experience Ford vehicles and competitive vehicles. This campaign will capture their unbiased feedback and impressions,” said David Mondragon, general marketing manager for Ford and Lincoln. “Most buyers have to sacrifice fuel economy for performance. With EcoBoost, you don’t have to.”