Ford Leads Canadian Auto Sales, Chrysler Second image

Auto sales in Canada were up 5.7% in 2012 to 1.68 million, due to increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, well-priced Korean cars and stylish European models.

Ford of Canada managed to keep the first place as the top-selling automaker for the third consecutive year, while Chrysler surpassed GM taking the second place. Analyst expect sales to increase this year too reaching, if not even exceeding the 1.7 million record set in 2002, thanks to higher employment and the rising demand.

Thursday, January 3rd, Ford announced it had sold 276,068 vehicles in Canada in 2012, with only 90 units more compared with 2011. Chrysler’s sales increased 6% to 243,845 units, its best retail results since 2000. On the other hand GM’s sales in Canada dropped 6.6% to 226,825 units, leaving the company on the third place.

“Our investment in fuel-efficient new vehicles and power trains has propelled us to be the number two seller,” President and Chief Executive Reid Bigland said, forecasting continued strong sales in 2013.

Even if Ford, GM and Chrysler managed to keep their lead in the Canadian market in 2012, their market share fell 44.5% from 47.2% in 2011, due to the fact that sales of imported vehicles increased at their expense.