During the weekend, Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant produced the last of the steel-bodied Ford F-150s, with workers coming up behind them and changing the equipment.

The manufacturing facility is on its way to make manufacturing history – as the last current generation F-150s have been produced, the No.2 US automaker is preparing to rip off all the production equipment to make way for the new machinery that will be used to build the aluminum-bodied 2015 F-150 truck.

“We are doing things we have never done before,” said Bruce Hettle, head of North American manufacturing for Ford.

“It is an enormous undertaking,” said analyst Joe Phillippi of Auto Trends Consulting in Short Hills, N.J. “The auto world is going to be watching and the investment world will be watching.”

The production boss has a monumental task ahead, as he only has eight weeks to start churning out the new F-150. The launch needs to be overseen with haste and precision – as the entire world is watching them. The Dearborn plant has been closed down and until September 22 around 3,000 workers are on temporary leave. The plant needs an investment of $359 million for the production shift and the same amount will go into the second pickup assembly factory in Kansas City.



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