Ford may change Lincoln’s name in an effort to reinvent the brand image

Ford is willing to go all the way to turn its luxury Lincoln brand into a winner, and by all the way, the carmaker means even renaming the brand.

According to the Detroit News, the company wants to reinvent Lincoln and in order to do that it may even change the name of the brand. When Jim Farley, Ford’s group vice president of marketing and sales, was asked about such a move, he replied: „Stay tuned.” Lincoln recently opened a new design studio in Dearborn, Michigan, located on the campus of Ford’s Product Development Center.

The studio is staffed by a team that is dedicated to the Lincoln Product Development organization and has the task of creating four all-new vehicles by 2015. The first model to come from the new design studio is the new Lincoln MKZ, which will launch later this year.

Over the next few years, Lincoln will debut additional vehicle refreshes and add a compact car to its lineup. It also plans to separate its brand image from Ford’s by building Lincoln-only dealerships. Farley told the Detroit Press that nearly 80 percent of dealers have expressed interest in building new, exclusive Lincoln dealerships.