Ford Mondeo RS gets rendered image

New renderings released are showing us how the Ford Mondeo may look like in the RS guise.

The new generation of the Ford Mondeo has been delayed lots of times but has also turned out to be one appreciated ride, with its evolutionary design, the updated interior, the increased size, the new engine lineup and the technologies used, but if you will ask all Mondeo fans what would they like from their new ride, chances are they will say an RS version. Ford has no plans of putting such a model into production any time soon, considering the fact that the Focus RS is already in development, so images like these will be kept for the virtual environment.

The two photos posted below have been signed by Theophilus Chin and they are renderings which might provide us with a peak into what the Ford Mondeo RS may turn out to look like. We can notice the new front grille, with the ST badge on it, inspired by the one of its smaller brothers, the front apron, the slightly updated front bumper, the modified side skirts, the quad exhaust system in the rear, the rear diffuser and the slightly updated rear bumper. We can also notice the new large wheels. Chances are the model will be using the same 2.3L EcoBoost four-cylinder unit, from the new Mustang generation, just as the Focus RS will, if it will make its way into production.