Ford moves to further conquer the US commercial segment image

Ford’s F-150 pickup truck has been for many years the best selling model on the US market, but that’s not its only trump card when it comes to securing a top place in the commercial segment.

The auto work industry is not something to just overlook – no less than 41% of all US vehicles have a commercial use of some sorts – from airport shuttle vans to farming. Besides that, what usually works in the US can also be implemented in some way around the world, as the global commercial segment amounts to 20% of all vehicle sales.

And, while the hulking Ford F Series – which stretches as far as to variants that would be considered heavy trucks in other parts of the world – is not necessarily a global vehicle, the company does bet on one model to secure its reign – the Transit.

The nameplate is well known throughout Europe – where it’s been for many years the top dog – but has only now extended its reach towards the US, to replace the aging big commercial E-Series van.

In the US, the Transit is set to compete with the local version of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Nissan’s new NV2500, Chevrolet’s Express or Ram’s ProMaster – the US version of the Fiat Ducato series. In order to assert its dominance, the Transit comes with… 58 individual body styles, thanks to three heights, three lengths and two wheelbase options. It also relies on new powertrain options, like the latest EcoBoost or a diesel variant.