Ford Mustang becomes collectible Monopoly Empire token image

The second largest US automaker is spreading its wings towards “uncharted” territories, as the legendary Ford Mustang muscle car has now been turned into a playable piece.

The latest generation of the popular Mustang sports car has become a usable token in the well known Monopoly Empire board game. The beloved muscle car has been a cult object ever since its inception and as such it has been the star of numerous songs or movies, but making its debut as a token in the latest iteration of Hasbro’s Monopoly Empire may be the quirkiest activity it has decided to partake in. Coincidence or not, the fans of the board game also celebrated the same day World Monopoly Day and at the same time the game’s 81st anniversary. The newest version of the Monopoly Empire board game is already available for order and it will set you back about $20 – the Ford Mustang will also be joined by five other tokens for a total of two to four players to enjoy.

The latest iteration also adds a variety of other famous brands to own – such as Transformers, Levi’s, Nerf and many others. Besides the best selling sports car in America in 2015, the Monopoly Empire also brings four towers, 30 billboard tiles, six office tiles, along with 14 Chance and 14 Empire cards. Hasbro will not forget about the two dices, the money pack and an ubiquitous game guide in case you fell off the Moon and this is the first time you play Monopoly.