The way it has to be: Ford Mustang GT Cervini 500C image

Now, if you are a true car fan, then you saw the Gone in 60 Seconds movie with Nicolas Cage. Do you remember that car that was stolen at the end of the movie ? – the GT500 Eleanor. Now, for 2010 Cervini – a company that has a large quantity of spare parts offers a body kit that will transform your ‘stang intro a beast. – it will transform your Ford Mustang GT intro the 2010 Eleanor.

The standard body kit, which involves only optical tuning, costs $ 12,900.00. But if you go for a complete package then you will have to come with $ 26,155.00.

Cervini will increase the power to 535hp. Also you will receive better brakes, a new exhaust that will sound like a thunder. If you don’t bealive us, then check out the movie below … what a car !!!