Ford’s Mustang will be the centre piece of ‘Need for Speed’ movie, a film based on the well-known Electronic Arts video game.

The movie coincides with Mustang’s 50th anniversary next April and targets more than 140 million ‘Need for Speed’ video gamers, since the game was launched 20 years ago. Ford is also preparing the next-generation Mustang both for the US and Europe. ]

“We’ve been engaged with a lot of movies, but not to this extent with Mustang,” said Mary Ellen Abraham, Ford’s experimental marketing manager, in a telephone interview. “This is probably the biggest one we’ve done in the last several years. We see the biggest value with it.”

The movie is about an almost impossible cross-country journey, which begins as a mission for revenge and it is based on the popular video game series, which has surpassed 140 million sales. The film will star Michael Keaton, Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper and is directed by Scott Waugh.

“Once we figured out who we were working with the story, we needed a hero car, and we came straight to Ford,” said Pat O’Brien, vice president of Electronic Arts Entertainment. “There’s no better iconic car to cross the country than the Ford Mustang.”

Source: The Detroit News


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