Ford Mustang’s interior was inspired by aviation image

The 2015 Mustang celebrates in a big way the 50st anniversary of the model: there’s an all-new generation, increased global reach and a first-ever right-hand drive version.

Although Ford managed for some time to successfully reinvent the original pony car, increasing its reach and appeal after a few less-than desirable generations, the interior of the model has never been an asset. If you want to be very permissive, you can say it was… functional.

The new Mustang, already set to arrive in US dealership in October, has moved to change the cockpit – especially since a global audience also means the very picky European clients will need to be enticed.

“When we were doing our earlier sketches, we were using the same kind of package on today’s car, which is a much thicker, heavier-feeling instrument panel,” says Doyle Letson, Mustang’s interior design chief. “Then we had an ‘aha!’ moment when we came up with the idea to encapsulate the airbag module inside the glove box. We kept looking at cockpits. We kept looking at instrumentation,” goes on Letson. “We wanted it to feel like you’re sitting in the cockpit of an airplane getting ready to take off.”

Encapsulating the passenger’s side airbag into the glove-box door instead of below got designers an extra 4 inch of room to work with, allowing for a more spacious interior and a dashboard that has symmetrical twin brows that could evoke aircraft wings. The idea goes on with a speedometer that has a “ground speed” dial and toggle switches that only go up, just like in an airplane.

Via Automotive News