Ford naming dispute ‘strange’ – Montezemolo image

( Luca di Montezemolo has denounced as “strange” Ferrari’s naming dispute with American carmaker giant Ford.

The Italian team tweaked the name of its 2011 formula one car last week after Ford complained that the designation ‘F150′ breached its trademark for a full-size pickup truck.

Ferrari responded by dropping the ‘F’ from the name and adding the circular Italian symbol for ‘th’ after ‘150’ and the word ‘Italia’.

“It seemed like a strange request (from Ford),” Ferrari president Montezemolo is quoted by the ANSA news agency.

“We are talking about an acronym that referred to the 150th anniversary of Italy, has no commercial value and is related only to formula one.

“But if they were so worried about it, we have taken that worry away from them,” he added.